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Emails on Mobile devices

After the recent move to the Office365 infrastructure, it will be necessary to re-set up your email accounts on your mobile devices. This page should help you through doing this.
Emails on computers will also need to be re-set up, and a separate document here will help you through this.
Different brand mobile phones do have different processes for doing this, so this guide will be fairly generic, though hopefully enough to help you through it.
Let's start...

Remove the current account from the device

We can't add the new account without removing the old one first.

  1. Enter your device's settings page and find the section for Accounts or Email Accounts.
  2. In this section, find your account and click on it. There should be an option to delete or remove this account. Do so, and the account should then be removed.

If you can't see any of these settings, you may need to go into the settings of your mail application.

Set up the new account

  1. In your mail application, if you're not prompted to automatically add an account, go into the settings screen and you should see an Add Account option, or something similarly named.
  2. If you asks you what type of account, choose Office365 or Microsoft365 or, on the default iPhone/iPad mail app, Microsoft Exchange
  3. It should then ask for your email address, enter it.
    • If you don't know for certain what your email address is, it's should be firstname.lastname@creditonmilling.co.uk, though there are some exceptions.
  4. Your password should be the same password you use to log into your PC or computer. Enter it and continue.
  5. If the email address and password are correct, the rest should happen automatically. Congratulations, your email account is now set up on your mobile.

If this does not happen automatically, get in touch and we should be able to confirm your email address and, if required, reset your password.

Published : Sat, 21 May 2022 at 10:25am +0100