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Computers can behave oddly when they aren't working efficiently. Waiting for a computer to respond isn't just an inconvenience; it's a huge waste of time.

If you suspect something isn't right with your IT equipment, we could check it out remotely or a routine visit might be necessary to get things back to normal for you.

Periodic services and maintenance can prevent the inconvenience of unsuspecting problems arising. We offer a scheduled maintenance cycle so you can be sure your systems are always up to their best, and running efficiently when you need them most.

Get in touch if you like us to have a look at any unusual systems that your IT equipment is presenting, and we shall find a time to suits you to sort out your IT woes.


Sometimes, things just break, but that doesn't always mean it has to be replaced. Often when computers fail, it's just one component that has gone wrong. Just one new component could bring your IT equipment back to life.

We are friends of the environment so where possible we will attempt to repair equipment. Only if it is Beyond Economical Repair (BER) will we recommend a suitable replacement.

Sometimes it isn't convenient for us to be working on site for you, so we are happy to take equipment back to our workshop to remedy any issues. We will re-visit to safely return your item at your convenience.

We do not want to disrupt your daily trading routine so if you would prefer us to take a look outside normal operating hours, we will be happy to make arrangements to fit your schedule.

Remote Monitoring

It can be challenging to keep track of how all of your IT equipment is performing at its best. It is important to monitor system performance throughout the day, highlighting any potential risks or concerns before they become a problem. Completing this task manually can be exhaustive, and can often be overlooked.

Remote monitoring can relieve you of the time consuming checks that protect the integrity of your systems. We can check your systems remotely for you on a regular basis, to ensure that connectivity is fluent, drive capacity is heathy, and your processors are not overloaded. These vital performance indicators will ensure that your systems are running smoothly throughout the day.

If any concern is identified, we will contact you straight away to offer a solution to the issue, remedying challenges before they affect your company's operations. We will provide a comprehensive report explaining what happened, what could have prevented it, and what we have done to fix it.

When an issue is detected, we can often perform rectification procedures remotely. If we need to attend to site in person, we will call you to book an appropriate visit time depending on the level of risk to your business.

Health Checks

Although everything may appear to be working OK, there may be underlying issues affecting performance of your computer and security of business.

It is important to make sure that your systems and equipment are healthy and reliable.

For this reason we can offer a simple health check function to ensure consistency of operations and identify any issues, concerns or improvements as soon as possible.

During our health check we will check the performance of your computer hardware such as Memory, Processor, Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive, Power Supply and Batteries. We will also check the integrity of the software that keeps your computer running, check your system resources are not being limited and you are clean of any Malware, Adware or Spyware.

After our health check we will let you know what has been found, how to prevent it in the future, and suggest any upgrades that may help the performance of the computer on the whole.