Whoops! You got caught!

Oh no! You clicked a link in a phishing email, and possibly also entered details into a fake login screen!


This time though it's OK...


This has just been a test.

However the incident has been recorded and will be used to enhance security and encourage training withing your business.

In the future, please follow these simple guidelines when checking emails:

  1. Verify the sender of the email is who they claim to be by hovering over/long-pressing their displayed name to check their email address.
  2. If the email contains a link or attachment. Make sure you know where that link is taking you by hovering over/long-pressing the link
  3. If the email contains an attachment, make sure you know what it should be before you open it i.e. you're expecting it.
  4. Never, EVER, enter any details into a login screen behind a link in an email.
  5. If there's any reason to think an email could be malicious, it probably is.

Thank you for reading, and here's wishing you a happy safe emailing in the future.