About Response

About Response

When and how we will respond

We understand that information technology is vital to business operations, and therefore recognise the urgency required when something goes wrong.

To ensure that we are able to meet your requirements we have strict Service Level Agreements in place to give you confidence that we will be there when you most need us.

Whether you need us on site to remedy a solution, or it is something we can assist you with remotely, we aim to find a time that suits you to get the problem fixed.

Responding in a timely manner is crucial when running a business, consequently we base our priorities on a time-bound agreement:


If anything is regarded as Business Critical, and prevents operations, we will respond within 24 hours in aim of getting you up and running promptly, minimising disruption to your business.

£95 per hour


If you require assistance within a specific time scale, however it is not preventing your operations, we will respond within 72 hours to offer a solution that will suit your needs.

£75 per hour


For a standard service we will book an appointment which fits in with your schedule to perform general maintenance, install, and repair for a convenient time, provided we are given at least 72 hours' notice.

£60 per hour

Remote Support / Workshop

Some issues can be resolved or diagnosed remotely. If you would prefer this option, we will give you a call back at a convenient time to take a look for you. We can also take your equipment back to our workshop for diagnosis and repair.

£40 per hour

A cancellation charge may be added to your bill if a job is cancelled within an unreasonable period of time before the work due to begin.